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Candlemas Curation


Welcome to the 2021 Candlemas Curation! The students of IR5066 ‘The Global Politics of Everyday Life’ invite you to explore this exhibition of their creative work and selected pieces by students from IR4570 ‘Everyday Life and Global Politics’. While the pieces have been curated as a collection, please feel free to explore them as you see fit like any other exhibition. The 2021 Candlemas Curation has been realised through the generous support of the University of St Andrews’ Entrepreneurial Education Fund.


Annalisa Muscolo Click Below to Start Video: This video explores the relationship between feminist social movements and the police. The title of my video “me cuidan mis amigas, no la policia”, which is repeated in different forms in the entire piece, is one of the chants of the South American feminist movement Ni Una Menos. It powerfully conveys the idea that policing does not equal safety, but does instead mean danger and fear for many individuals. So if the police do not protect us who does? Well, my friends do… Read More »ME CUIDAN MIS AMIGAS, NO LA POLICIA

Text When You’re Home

Eilidh Marshall   Trigger Warning This work explores the theme of women’s insecurity in everyday travel. There are mentions of the murders of Sarah Everard, Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry, as part of a more general discussion of street harassment, physical/psychological threat, and violence against women.   The last year has seen radical changes in our ways of behaving in and moving through our everyday spaces. Women’s fears, however – their physical insecurities and the associated emotional strain – remained; indeed, they were strengthened. This practicum explores the theme of… Read More »Text When You’re Home

The Dynamics of a Wedding Dress

Lucie Marsikova The dress makes the bride, and the bride makes the wedding. But how exactly does the wedding dress turn a woman into a bride? How much does this transformation exactly cost? And is it due to the fact that a wedding is one of the unique instances of life, such as birth or death, which intersect cultures regardless of their geolocation, that the wedding industry operates on a fully international scale? When we ask these questions, the main three aspects of a wedding dress which makes its choice… Read More »The Dynamics of a Wedding Dress

The Corset

Gabriella Hudson For this piece, I chose to use collage as my creative methodology to explore the relationship between food and womanhood. Using cardboard to create the panels of a corset, I cut out images and text from The Week (a weekly news magazine subscription in my house), Which? best buys magazine, and some free supermarket magazines that I picked up while doing my food shop. The idea for my project came from thinking about the presentation of women and food, the way women interact with food, the stereotypes that… Read More »The Corset

The UK’s No.1

Ella Matza   The UK’s No.1, Acrylic paint, duct tape, and Tesco magazine cut-outs on a piece of cardboard from a package   I titled this collage “The UK’s No.1” in order to highlight how the UK has gained success by positioning itself on the backs of others.  The top half of the piece emphasises the implied power and choices of the consumer, highlighting the magazine’s use of terms like ‘you’ve got the power’ and ‘the choice is yours’. In contrast, the bottom half reflects terms, recipes and ingredients from… Read More »The UK’s No.1

Tescoloniality of Food

Achille Pedespan By the end of 2020, I was craving couscous, a North-African dish which is often granted the title of favourite meal of the French. It was not as easy as in France to find the ingredients to make one in Scotland… Craving curry would have been much easier. It made me realise the weight of the former colonisation process on the French and British supermarkets. To describe the impact of colonisation on contemporary life I refer to Anibal Quijano’s decolonial concept of “coloniality” (Quijano: 2007, 168). Coloniality is… Read More »Tescoloniality of Food

The Happiest Place on Earth

Audrey Leung Hong Kong Disneyland first opened in 2005. I still vividly remember visiting for the first time that year with my family, to celebrate my and my younger sister’s sixth and fourth birthdays. We were spoilt that weekend, roaming the park for two whole days and even staying in the Disney-themed hotel overnight. It was the best birthday. Like many other young children, I grew up consuming Disney storylines and fantasies, like candy. It’s March 2021 now and today I visit again. It’s been nearly five years since my… Read More »The Happiest Place on Earth

Making a Terrorist-Monster

Katie Birrell   Using collage as a medium enables the exploration of the complex, often contradictory, negotiation of identities and the narratives which produce and sustain them, while also highlighting the exercise of power enacted through the mediation and framing of events and materials. I have compiled materials into the shape of Frankenstein’s monster, framing my presentation of the construction and securitisation of terrorism through Puar and Rai’s analysis of the ‘terrorist-monster’, exploring the continual reinvention of technologies of heteronormativity, white supremacy, and nationalism through which terrorism is understood and… Read More »Making a Terrorist-Monster

Haunting Pebbles

Achille Pedespan              land art performance documented in photos               Methodology For this practicum, my original idea was to create something out of the scenery surrounding me—my everyday life. Living in St Andrews, I knew that I wanted to use the sea and its elements. Since January 2021, the UK is on a EU border, therefore, I chose to denounce through a performance the violence of crossing of borders in the EU. Living on one of the most western… Read More »Haunting Pebbles